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Are technology degrees worth it is questioned mostly asked by undergraduates, or student who is seeking admission to the college or universities, or students are studying with loans, or some student who is confused about the course which is they are currently undertaking, whichever categories you belong, one thing is certain, no knowledge is waste, whatever knowledge you acquire today, will be a definite something in your life directly on indirectly.

During my course of research, I notice the question are technology degrees worth it has been attempted by the various user in Quora and Reddit, I will just drop some quotes supporting the notions which say technology degrees are worth it.

Once you pick up a degree course the one true question becomes “Will I make enough to pay back college loans and live a good life too?” is more than reasonable. But it’s also probably not the path to being ‘wealthy’ or ‘young and wealthy’.

a degree will give you money and keep you financially stable but it cannot make you wealthy, but it will gain much respect and social acceptance.

Sera jame view:

 Absolutely. While there’s a lot of anecdotal negativity going around about the effectiveness of a college degree, a lot of that has to do with two things: one, the obscenely high cost of an on-campus college education, and two, the dangers of choosing the wrong education for your needs.

The truth is that a degree will statistically help you get a job, and if you’re utilizing the services of an online institution like CBU Online, you’ll be saving money and studying with a flexible schedule that lets you work and earn while you learn.

While many degrees help you build soft skills that are quite useful in general if you already have a talent or career plan you should get a degree that relates to your skills. An IT degree is helpful not only because IT is a massive and growing industry, but because while it’s a market with an oversaturated workforce, there are very few specialists and IT management experts.

An IT degree is a necessary stepping stone to greater and much more useful things, such as a degree in digital media or mass communication, or information security – all of which can be very valuable to large organizations and corporations.

IT degree will make you compete with the global workforce – whether you spend $10k on your education (in countries with lower cost of living) or you spend $100k on your education, your skills will essentially be the same.

Yet, when it comes to the business environment, the person from the country with the lower cost of living would be happy with the lower salary than what you might need, in order to even start paying off your loans.

It is not pretty but the truth is that unless you are going to be so brilliant in what you do that you will be in a position to demand a higher pay – which is a sort of a commitment, a wholehearted commitment, and the wording of your question does not exactly shout, “I am passionate about IT!”, unless not to me.

So, what’s the other option? The other option, as already suggested is to get a business degree with some specialization (minor, as we say in the US) in IT – where you know what is being talked about during meetings or system conversions, yet you have others (potentially reporting to you) who do the work, while you are a liaison between the business side of things and the IT side of things.

I feel it is worth it if you use it to advance your career. For me, I felt it took 5–10 years before I felt ahead of those who had just gone out to work and thus had more experience.

For me, getting a degree wasn’t too expensive (I paid for off over 7 years), I found it enjoyable, and I used it for many years.

If you find the idea of more study, a chore, too expensive, not sure you will use it, I would avoid it.

It depends, what degree in IT field are you pursuing?

If are you going to graduate in information technology then everything Margaret Weiss and Chrissy Beyerlein said is very true, but if you are going to graduate in Computer Science your job prospects raise a little bit and you will have more options.

I don`t know many IT graduates that fill in job positions as System engineers,  I’m not saying that they can`t fill this role,  it is just that employers have a tendency to prefer Computer Science graduates than IT  ones.

Also, the advice about the business degree is very good although I don`t think you will be able to work as a programmer or applications developer with a business degree, you will have a lot more options with it than with only an IT degree.

You could also get your degree in IT and could go to law school… Wait, law school? Yeah, we have a lot of developing software right now but no so many lawyers that understand how software work, how are they build, how to charge for them and etc…

We hope this helps you to choose a career for yourself or love the one you are already doing.

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