Can Technology Cause Cancer

Can Technology Cause Cancer

Can Technology Cause Cancer

Can Technology Cause Cancer?

Technology versus cancer has been out of the widely discussed issue in the modern health sector. Various reports and theories have contributed to the debate without reaching a generalized conclusion. The question of if Technology can cause cancer which formed the basis of our discussion is a very positive one. Yes, some modern technological tools can cause cancer. But firstly let’s define and throw a little light on the subject matter “Cancer”

Cancer is simply put as ‘an abnormal multiplication of cells in a viral way’. It can be said to mean an uncontrolled and unrestricted division of growth of cells in a human body. As cells within a human body multiply, cancer grows. Cancer starts when gene changes make one cell or a few cells to grow and multiply too much, which often lead to a growth called a tumor. The first place within the body that cancer starts is known as the ‘a primary tumor’, as it spread to another area of the body which is referred to as the ‘a secondary tumor’ or ‘metastasis.

There are over 200 series of cancer diagnosed by modern medical scientists but are broadly categorized into five(5) groups, namely; Carcinoma, Leukaemia, Sarcoma, Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer, and Lymphoma.

Cancer can be triggered my so many factors such as lipstick, sun exposure, alcohol, sugar and technological tools such as tablets, laptops and wireless devices such as telecom mast.
Research conducted on the technologically driven cancer shows that our phones, laptops, tablets, and unlimited Wi-Fi could indeed be making us sick and prone to cancer disease.

This medical implication of tech devices for cancer could stem from the fact that all wireless devices emit low-intensity radio-frequency radiation. This radio frequency radiation causes oxidative stress in the body- a reaction which releases free radicals molecules that can cause cellular damage unless they’re “cleaned up” by antioxidants.

Oxidative stress at the primary level is very normal and good for the body as it forms part of the aging process, and it is a by-product of taking in oxygen. This same oxidative stress which is very normal for human body can at the same time leads to a medical complication when some things trigger it to increase the rate of its occurrence in the body. One of the factors that can increase the rate of oxidative stress and accelerate its damage is likely to be wireless devices. It is researched that long-term exposure to the ambient, low-dose RFR emitted by our favorite technological devices is enough to make human body cancer prone.

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Can Technology Cause Cancer

Radiation comes in two forms – ionizing(X-rays, cosmic rays and non-ionizing. Nonionizing which is radiofrequency and extremely low-frequency or power frequency are only available to Wireless devices. And it has been observed ionizing radiation has conclusively been shown to cause cancer.

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