Can Technology solve Any Problem?

Post topic: Can Technology solve any problem

Can Technology solve Any Problem?

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Can Technology solve any problem in the world is a question which sounds strange to the elites, however, there some people out there who don’t really understand the stand of technology in our society today, some make use of technological output but they are not away what they are using?

We have defined technology(read here) and it is versatile, if I am to group it in two categories, I will simply group as Heavy and sophisticated technologies (eg. Robots, drones, etc) and small technologies (Electronics, Smartphones, Laptops etc). Get it straight, can technology solve any problem? the answer is Yes, technology can solve Many problems, both social and economic problems.

Technological innovations have been doing wonders in inventing things that solve human problems simply and faster. Technology has come up with most scalable solutions which can impact business across the Globe.

Technologies such as clean energy, quantum computing, synthetic biology, telemedicine, AI, or cloud education and NUI software, technology can solve all the biggest problems confronting mankind. Creating value means coming up with something people will pay for in the real world. Virtual technologies can open up a window of possibilities, given their widespread application. Starting small but thinking big…that is the key to using modern technology to solve the biggest problems in modern day existence.

Below are a few of the problems technology can solve in the world today.

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Ecological Transformation And Transportation :

The greatest problem the world has faced in time past is the great damages to the ecosystem caused by pollution. The technological innovation of fuel cell vehicle. The vehicles have eliminated the danger of circulation and made transportation easy and faster. Fuel cell powered vehicles using hydrogen also have the advantage of being zero emission. Mass-market fuel cell vehicles offer a range and convenience missing from diesel and gas powered cars.

New generation Robots :

Since the innovation of robots, humans have feared to lose their job position to it, but one positive is that robots make productions easy and faster, robots take the risk away from humans and aid us to solve lots of problems other than just production tools. Robots are being designed to be easily programmable and handle manufacturing tasks which are tough for human workers. Next generation robotics is ideal for tasks which are too difficult or repetitive. Progress in design and AI have ensured that humans have advanced beyond a point of no return too.

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Smart Phones and mobile applications:

Mobile phones have gone beyond just making a point to point communication easy and faster. with certain mobile applications, your small device can make more meaning to you than ever. Your smartphones can learn new languages and translate to voice bridging the communication gaps thanks to translation software provided by programmable technology. This to mention but a few the wanders The new innovations of your mobile phone can offer.

Distributed Manufacturing- Factory at Your Doorstep

With online business on the ascent and the coming of the advanced age, customized items are the request of the day. Innovation has prompted decentralization of strategy for creation. Distributed manufacturing encourages broad diversity and speed to varied markets and geographies.


Flying robots, UAVs or automatons can be utilized for checking electrical cables, giving crisis help, horticulture, shooting and different applications requiring far-reaching and reasonable flying observation. Automatons have the solid capacity to keep away from impact and make self-governance while doing assignments which are excessively intense or remote for people, making it impossible to finish. Sense and dodge automatons can be utilized for working dependably in intense conditions, for example, dust storms or blizzards.

Neuromorphic Technology

Neuromorphic chips process data uniquely in contrast to conventional equipment and look like the design of the mind. Scaling down has brought about the increment in regular figuring capacities over the years yet neuromorphic chips are more useful on the grounds that they have the following features:

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Greater energy efficiency

More power
Combined data storage, data processing into interconnected modules
Networked neutrons making a replica of the brain
Consider the neuromorphic chip True North which comprises million neuron network for creating power efficiency 100s of times more robust than a conventional CPU. Such machines promote number crunching which is perfect for predicting trends in the stock exchange or climate forecasting.

Mobile Wallets

The market has portable installment frameworks, for example, Square, Google Wallet and Starbucks App. Leaving your wallet is never again an issue now. From Paytm to its PayPal, a portable wallet has many advantages. It is innovation taking care of business.

Making the globe smaller:

Sites, for example, TripIt arrange touring plans including flights, trains, travels, autos, lodgings and a 24 to 48-hour agenda. Search engine sites like Google, give connects to movement locales and online travel offices, aggregators, and consolidators are there to manage you at all times. From TripAdvisor to SmarterTravel and LonelyPlanet, stream bouncing was never simpler. The planes and ATC likewise utilize innovation to make the excursion agreeable. Transport and travel have improved and we have achieved miles ahead from movement books and moderate trains.

Sustainable Energy, Huge technology breakthrough :

Ability to produce energy in sustainable ways is the biggest problem technology provides a solution for. From solar to wind, nuclear, and thermal energy, technology has reformulated energy consumption patterns and made eco-friendly energy-generation possible.


Technology has gone a long way to solving several problems in the world today, the innovations have touched all parts of human life. The point above are but a few of voluminous problems technology has solved today.

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