Can Technology Stop Hurricanes

Can Technology Stop Hurricanes?

Can Technology Stop Hurricanes
Hurricanes have been one of the most devastating natural disasters creating a huge loss of life and properties to humanity. International organizations and national government have been struggling and experts seeking for a solution to curbing the effect and occurrence of the hurricane. In this article, we are going to ascertain of Technology can assist man is stopping hurricanes from occuring. But firstly, let explain this phenomenon called ‘Hurricanes’.

Hurricanes are tropical natural disturbances capable of causing substantial damage to the earth. They are massive stormy situations that go with massive force.
The NationalGeographic defines Hurricanes as ‘giant, spiraling tropical storms that can pack wind speeds of over 160 miles (257 kilometers) an hour and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons (9 trillion liters) of rain a day’.
Technology, on the other hand, is the application of scientific skills and knowledge to solve or address a given problem.

Technology can help stop hurricanes through the injection of billions of tons of a dense gas into the atmosphere to create a “sunglasses effect,” which experts say would soak up the and cool down chief reactors of hurricanes – sunlight and warm ocean water.
Injection of the billions of tones of dense gas into the atmosphere could occur through reducing greenhouse gas emissions to control climate change. The reduction of gas emission to clamp down climate change appears to have been a little too late an approach, as it is speculated that effect of climate change is currently irreversible. This leads scientists to look for another plan of using Technology to stop hurricanes.

The new plan being researched involved injecting sulfate gases into the upper atmosphere of the human planet, to cool down oceans quite enough to half the number of Katrina-force hurricanes in over the next half a century. This process requires about 10 billion tons of sulfates, which is about tens/hundreds the sulfates a typical volcanic eruption can form.

Sulfates are typical in blocking out wavelengths of light. Therefore, frequently injecting the chemicals into the atmosphere will importantly create a giant twin of sunglasses for the Earth, and cut down the overall temperature of the oceans.

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Technology will help stop hurricanes by applying the scientific knowledge of injecting billion tons of sulfates or dense gas into the atmosphere, to absorb the sun and cool down the oceans. Though there doesn’t come with a setback, as injecting that much sulfate or dense gas into the atmosphere would dig holes in the protective ozone layer surrounding the Earth. The ozone is critical because it protects us from deadly radiation from the sun. So sulfates or dense gas isn’t a Uhuru, but the plan itself can still be helpful.


images source: businessinsider