Classroom Tech Positive Effects | Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom

Classroom Tech Positive Effects | Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom

Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom

The answer to the above question is obviously a positive one, as technology affords so many benefits to both the teacher and student in the classroom. Some of the benefits technology to classroom activities are highlighted below.

Integrating technology into the classroom will effectively connect students of all learning styles.

Integrating Technology in the classroom will encourage collaboration between students and teachers as it enhances interaction between and among them

Application of technology in the classroom affords teachers and instructors an avenue to develop the student’s digital skills. It’s one thing to use technological devices, but a whole new level to know how to use them correctly and responsibly.

Classroom integration of technology will assist students to stay engaged. As students are using and having access to tech devices to play and learn since they could crawl and surf the cyberspace.

Modern technology in classrooms affords the student and instructors an avenue to stay updated. When these mobile technologies are available and performing correctly in the classroom, students and tutors are able to access the most up-to-date information quicker, easier and simpler than ever before.

Integrating technology into classroom breaks the normal passive learning model. With technology in the classroom, the instructors become the coach, motivator, an encourager, and adviser.

Availability of technology in the classroom will improve the quality of teaching and learning, teachers will have the ability to demonstrate and relay their knowledge to students effectively.

Having Technology in classroom transforms the learning experience of students and teacher experience of teachers. Students and Teachers will have access to an incredible amount of new ideas and information from diverse source and areas.


Schools shouldn’t be debating if technology should be integrated into classroom environments but great effort should be made to ensure that classrooms are driven technologically as it will benefit students and teachers.