Did Technology Improve The Quality Of Education

TOPIC: Did Technology Improve The Quality Of Education

Did Technology Improve The Quality Of Education

 Education is the backbone of every economy. People need well and organized educational infrastructures and institution so they can learn how to interpret information efficiently and effectively. Technology improved the quality of our life and education as educational institutions are integrating educational technologies in their schools with a great aim of improving the way teachers teach and how students learn. Below are some of the areas modern technology improved our education.


The advancement of modern technology improved the quality of education in relation to how we share (demand and supply) education. With technology, one can have access to wide range of information and data from the remotest part of the world with the aid of an Internet. People now share and receive information very easy, convenient and fast.


Technology improved quality of education through digital learning. We are now exposed to digital items such as computers, Projectors, Calculators, PDAs, and Tape Recorders in acquiring education.

There’s is also a transformation on how we write and read educational materials. Books are now replaced with e-readers, tablets, and PDAS along with the development of technology. Therefore, we don’t necessarily need to carry large junk of books that can nearly break our backs. The e-readers and tablets can also read out something for us. Therefore, we can even go through books while we are driving on the road.

Classroom lectures and learning have been improved by technological tools such as CD-Tapes, Laptops, FlashDrives, Calculators, Pagers, and Recorders.


With Data Encryption tools, documents and files can be stored in various formats without fear of an intruder messing up with its confidentiality and authenticity, or having unauthorized access to it.

Through technology, it is now easier and convenient for us to safely store a large volume of information, data and document or files and be able to retrieve it for future usage or reference without any harm to its form.



Technology improved the quality of education through the provision of online and distance learning.

With technology, learning can actually take place without the individual being present in that location, through online and distance learning. All that is required is a gadget that can access the internet.

Also, programs like Long distance learning have opened boundaries too so many scholars around the world. People can be gaining education or knowledge from a foreign institution while at their local base

Similarly, through the internet, people can learn so many skills, languages and knowledge through virtual and online instructors. It’s due to the online system which has helped the poor and those restricted by external factors in rural factors to enjoy the gain of being educated and remain equality with the civilized society


Modern Technology improved the quality of education as it assisted teachers in record keeping. A teacher can now keep a database of his/her students. Teachers can equally compute students grades and results effortlessly with the aid of a designated computer software.

Teachers and instructors are now exposed to several instructional materials and ideas through the internet.

With powerpoints and projectors, lessons and lectures are delivered to students in clear and good quality graphics and sounds.


Technology greatly improved the quality of education but such improvement came with some negative situations attached to it. Technology hampered students ability to use their brains in getting a solution to some educational questions. Our students now rely on online search engines such as Google and DevilFinder in getting solutions to questions. Just type and click and what you require is out there on the screen. Also, technology made us lazy and killed reading culture among us as we often prefer seeing movies, and playing computer games over reading or studying.