Do Technology Companies Drug Test?

Do Technology Companies Drug Test?

Do Technology Companies Drug Test?

The answer to this question is a divided one but at varying degree. Some tech companies do drug test while many others don’t.

Big technology companies don’t drug test because there saw and deem it as a means of losing a smart potential employee. Many smart employees after successfully passing a job interview may abandon the job if he/she were required to go for a drug test as such an employee may not like to lose his/her integrity. So companies in order not to face this precarious situation after spending some much time, energy and finance in conducting an interview with a potential worker do not drug test.

Secondly, major technology companies don’t drug test as most of the person(s) conducting the test are not even certain of being free from substance abuse. So in order not to blow they ass out, they take drug test out of the picture.

Thirdly, drug testing does not attract quality employees, it rather deters them. So major tech companies often desire to have quality and sound employees will not want to create a bridge that will prevent them from hiring and engaging quality workers.

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Fourthly, tech companies see drug testing as an infringement and encroachment into the personal lives of employees, so they often don’t wanna comply with and to it. Maintaining that what workers do on their own time is their own business.

On the other side, some tech companies that perform drug test are most likely those companies that deals on defense and security, sensitive information or that requires handling for equipment that may endanger employees health and safety. Any failure for these companies to a drug test will surely make them vulnerable to be compromised.

Also, some tech companies engage in drug testing as the company insurers may offer discounts if the company implements drug testing.

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The ability of a tech company to perform drug testing varies and depends on the individual firm’s operational policies.

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