Does Technology Affect Our Lives?

Does Technology Affect Our Lives?

Do Technology Affect Our Lives

Many research is ongoing about if and how technology affects live. The effects of modern technology are not and cannot be relegated, it has both positive and negative effects on life. Discussed here are some of the positive and negative ways technology affects live.

Positive Effects


Technology affects human life as sicknesses and disease are diagnosed with computerized and electronics medical objects. The cause of an ailment can be discovered through laboratory tests, by using blood or waste-product sample of the patient. Modern medical technology brought about numerous techniques of imaging, which permits technicians and physicians to examine a patient’s anatomy without needing invasive procedures to form a diagnosis. The demand for Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) technologists and radiologists has also increased as a result of rapid advances in imaging technology.

Electronic Health Records

The universal application of electronic health records has resulted in significant savings in health care costs as well as an improvement in a patient health and safety. In several healthcare facilities, patient files are being kept in databases that can be accessed from anywhere in the facility, thereby saving cost and time, as well as maintain credibility.

New Medium of Learning

Modern Formats of Reading and technology affects our lives through the transformation of how we write and read educational materials. Books are now replaced with e-readers, tablets, and PDAs along with the development of technology. Therefore, we don’t necessarily need to carry large junk of books that can nearly break our backs. The e-readers and tablets can also read out something for us. Therefore, we can even go through books while we are driving on the road.

Advanced Pharmaceuticals

With advancement in technology, pharmacists are now exposed to tools that aid them to manufacture and produce efficient and effective pills for medications.


Minimally invasive surgeries, especially in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, have also become more rampant in recent years. The development of better instruments and more advanced technology have allowed surgeons to perform procedures in minimally invasive ways that just wasn’t possible a few years ago.

Ease of Communication and Transportation.

Modern technology affects lives by granting us the possibility of communicating with our relatives and loved ones with ease. It affords us the privilege of meeting new people and making new friends through the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and chat messengers.

Technology also affects live through the provision and consolidating of the means of transportation. People can now move from state to state or country to country flexibly and at a very speedy rate.

Better means of marketing and trading.

Technology affected live by providing a better means of marketing of goods and service. Goods can be bought and sold from and to anywhere in the world and the payment is made instantly. Similarly, knowledge of new and existing products and services can be relayed to the consumer easily and affordable.

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The Negative Effects

Depletion of Natural Resources.

Modern technology affects live by depleted our natural resources at a faster level. It doesn’t only consume a large quantity of these resources as inputs but also damages our environment, thereby limiting the existence of new resources.

Increase in War and Conflicts

Technology affects lives negatively by increasing the rate of war and conflicts through advancement in arms and weaponry. Arms struggles and proliferation of firearms are the order of the technologically advanced modern world, and this leads to increase in conflicts and it’s effect on life.

Exposure to Health Risks and Hazards

Technology also affected our life by exposing us to many life-threatening risks and situations like cancers, death by road, air or rail accidents, industrial machine hazards, bio-hazard risk, exposure to gaseous emission, vulnerability to fire outbreaks, etc.


The bottom line of it all is that anything good also has its own disadvantages, same applies to technology, but the good ways by which technology affects our lives is more compared to the negative impact.

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