Does Technology Always Follow Science

Do Technology Always Follow Science

Does Technology Always Follow Science

A direct valid response to this question is not as straightforward as it may appear. One may not be out of place to maintain that technology follows science nor technology doesn’t follow science, it largely depends on the angle one is driving his or her point from Below is rational for my claim, but firstly let’s define the subject Science and Technology respectively.

Science can be defined in various ways depending on how sees and treats the subject. To me, science is the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. It’s is a systematically organized body of knowledge.

Science is based on theory, which are sets of observations which support a conclusion.

Technology, on the other hand, is the application of scientific knowledge for a practical purpose.

From the above definitions of science and that of technology, it can be easily observed that science feeds technology with the knowledge it requires for its existence. Technology being the application of scientific skills and knowledge follows science.

Technology cannot exist if not for science and its theories. A good example of a set of theories which led to an enormous amount of technology is Newton’s laws of kinematics. Newton discovered a way of precisely calculating the behavior of objects in motion and this led to nearly all the technology we have today.

It is the scientific principles and ideas that are put together to give rise to technology.

In the same vein, Technology also gives rise to further scientific knowledge. Technological tools and techniques are applied to further increase and gain more knowledge of science. For instance, a technological tool of the clock gives rise to scientific knowledge of the time. Also, technological laboratory equipment is applied to know and explain a giving phenomenon that makes up a science.

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Primarily, Technology follows science because the first technological achievement(s) is as a result of scientific knowledge. Newton’s kinematic law which appears to be the bedrock of major technological achievement is a scientific principle, without which little or no technology will be known of. Having said that, in a general sense both science technology follows each other as technological tools assists and helps in gaining and understanding more scientific knowledge and principles.