Does Technology Control Us

‎Does Technology Control Us

Does Technology Control Us

How much each can be exposed to technology depends upon the individual. Each person needs to perceive there is a point, where we feel “sophisticated”. It is paramount to pause and examine the degree of technology that we can accept and still retain control of our personality.

The need to make this assessment can be seen in all sorts of gadgets and systems that illustrate just how intrusive technology has become. These often exploit vices and obsessions that lead many to act in a manner contrary to their well-being or personality. ‎There is something terribly wrong with systems that control our behavior and play upon our impulses, addictions, and vices.

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Below are some of the areas technology has gained control over humans.

1. Technology is controlling us because we often prefer to deal with a machine rather than a person. We have become like a machine and demand technological tools like responses from others. Many people spend more time with technological gadgets such as handsets, computer games and television sets more often they spent with their fellow being.

2. Technology is controlling us because we hardly do without technological gadgets for over 24 hours. The gadgets have become a point of obsession that controls and determines our behavior and attitude. Technological tools are now preferred over human labor in industries.

3. Modern technology is controlling is as our use of technological gadgets blocks out our perception of the world. We have become so self-absorbed that we ignore others and our intellect as well. We hardly use brains to figure out simple solutions to our basic problems, we rather resort to technological tools for a quick fix.

4. Technology controls us as we experience difficulty communicating and expressing our personality to others due to excessive technology use. We are losing the notion of nuance and spontaneity that characterize human action. Through the social media and internet, people post messages and videos that are offensive to others. Porno videos and images full the cyberspace with little or no control which a kid might stumble into.

5. Technology also control us as it has made us have a mania for speed and nausea for reflection. Usage of technology made us experience difficulty in enjoying those truly human and proportional spiritual pleasures and joys like conversation, art, and silence.

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Does Technology Control Us

The proper use of technology is that it should be a means to serve us and make our lives easier. A key requirement is that we should be in control. We should not serve technology and allow gadgets to control our lives, social skills or decisions. When this happens, it endangers the proper development of the personality and hampers the social relationships needed for life together in society.

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