Does Technology Get In The Way Of Learning

Does Technology Get In The Way Of Learning

Does Technology Get In The Way Of Learning

Advancement in modern technology has been a great invention to learning and have contributed immensely to the art of teaching and learning.
But despite its enormous contributions, it has as well been a hindrance to learning. It is on this backdrop that the basis of this article is formed. Discussed below are some of the area’s technology have come against learning.

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Wrongful Information

With the speeding development of technology, the website’s owner urges to rank their websites higher in search engines, so they only concentrate on rankings instead of the content that they are posting. Many websites come with wrong information that has been copied and pasted from other sources without checking its authenticity. Thus the learners are misguided by the wrong information available on the websites. These things can perhaps become serious obstacles in their development.

Source of Distraction

Technology has provided learning with lots of distractions. Learners hardly concentrate during class lectures as they are often busy checking out the latest newsfeed on the social network or trying to catch up the latest gist on their favorite websites.
Similarly, take-home assignments are haphazardly done and home studies and reading culture seems an outdated and primitive adventure. Students and learners resort and prefer playing computer video games, using chat messengers, surfing the internet for fun and watching their favorite television programs and movie series instead of being a steward of their studies. This negative distraction is hindering learning to a great extent.

Creating an avenue for cheating

Technology has come against learning by creating an avenue for cheating and irregularities. Through the internet search engines, learners hardly and don’t engage themselves to solve assignments, and home works but will just google the topic to copy the solution from the internet. Learners do copy these articles without even acknowledging the original author, thereby committing plagiarism.
Aside from plagiarism, technological tools such as mobile devices, laptops, and pagers do aid students and learners to engage in exam practice and in such learning irregularities.

Irregular instructional method

With the advancement of mechanization, teachers are not equally trained for its proper implementation. Thus learners are just using technology instead of gaining knowledge from it. Using applied science to achieve an education in the proper way is a good thing but to transform it into an active set of skills is a matter of time.

Insufficient and Deficiency Learning

Very difficult to find the word “diligent” in learners nowadays as most of the lessons can be easily accessible to them online through different websites in their computers which are making them inattentive in classrooms or making the mote skip schools frequently.
Relying completely on computers are creating poor studying habits. Many students keep browsing websites to find the shortest possible way to solve common arithmetic problems instead of solving them in a traditional way which actually facilitates in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Spell-checking tools limits learners from learning the correct spelling thus resulting infinite spell errors in the paper.

An Obstacle to Teachers

As scientists come with new inventions and challenges that keep technology rolling every second. Softwares programs keep upgrading and when a teacher does not possess technical skills, it becomes difficult for him/her to execute it in the right direction. Hence, educators have to be expert in technical skills or the school has to hire technical experts adding extra expenses to their expenditures to overcome these technical challenges.

Relegation of Writing

As smartphones and such computerized devices replace the use of pen and paper, getting a person with good handwriting is just like finding a needle in the haystack. All the vital documents are now typed and fitted in that small folder icon in the computerized device. Application of technology in place of handwriting slow down thinking process by making neurons lethargic.
Also, the new trend of shortening word via social media interactions have contributed to poor essay writing students and inadequate learning of new words.

Replacing paper books with e-books

Our society is changing day by day and so all our vital stuff are now compressed to that favorite gadgets even the books which have now become e-books coming in various format like PDF, DOC etc instead of the original paper. Books are learners real assets and can never be replaced by e-books which may not be cost-effective at times and can cause eyestrain.

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Does Technology Get In The Way Of Learning

As light always goes with the shadow, Technology no doubts improve a learner and learning but at the same time it hinders and comes in the way of learning with its negative features. Technology needs to be properly managed and utilized so as to always be a plus to learning, or at least so the pros can outwit the cons towards learning.


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