Does Technology Make Us More Alone

Does Technology Make Us More Alone

Does Technology Make Us More Alone

The debate over whether technology made people to feel lonely or not have been viral over the past couple of years, with mixed opinion and reactions. This article is of the opinion that technology has not made people lonely, but provided extra dimensions in keeping people company. Below are some of the avenue it has achieved the feat.

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Social Media

Modern technology helps our loneliness with the advent of social media and chat messengers. Our individual and personal life were ridden with some lonely and bored moments, but technology through the social media and chat messengers provided us with the platform to interact and share our problems and challenges with the wider world, it helps us to make new friends and to communicated effectively and actively with old ones, without geographical impediments.
Social Media is currently one of the hottest things to talk about. Everyone is on Social Media posting and sharing their time to time activity.

The Internet.

Technology through the information highway assisted our fellowship and companionship. Instead of sitting in the living room alone feeling bored, one can decide to make use of the vast and numerous tools internet provided mankind to keep him/herself company. One may decide to engage in internet research, learn new ideas, skills or languages. The internet connected us and transform our society into a global one.

Computer Video Games

Modern technology aided our companionship by providing us with computerized video games. A computer video game is a computer-controlled game where the user interacts with objects displayed on a screen for the sake of entertainment. It is any of various interactive games played using a specialized electronic gaming device or a computer or mobile device and a television or other display screen, along with a means (remote/pad) to control graphic images.

Television and Radios

Modern Technology kept people company with the introduction of radio and television sets. Apart from entertainment, one can engage in radio or tv stations phone-in programs and interactive sessions to not only share ideas but also express him/herself. One can easily and happily stay indoors for a whole day without feeling lonely, as much as his/her TV or radio sets are there to entertain and provide fellowship.

Exercise and Fitness

Technologically, our society can now count on exercise and fitness equipment to not only entertain and keep fit but also as a companion.

Computers and Handsets

With the invention of computers, laptops and handset devices, it connects us to people within and far away from us through voice to voice interaction or text message interactions.

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Some folks may claim that technology made us lonely but pushing to shun face to face social engagement in favor of virtual interactions, but that is down to personal orientation and idiosyncrasies of over-dependent on technological devices. Moreover, virtual world interactions and online relationship prevent physical abuse, violation, intimidation, and confrontation.


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