Does Technology Make Us Smarter

Does Technology Make Us Smarter

Does Technology Make Us Smarter

Smart is the ability to show a quick-witted intelligence. Advancement of technology has made humans smart and improved our smart ways of doing things. The following are some of the evidence;

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Criminal Investigation

Modern technology made us smart with the introduction of forensics. With the forensic technologies, Our law enforcement agencies and police have the capacity and ability to credibly investigate a crime situation that seems impossible few years back. Blood samples of both the victim and suspects can now be collected and examined to ascertain if there is a nexus between them and one found at the crime scene.


Where the paternity or the maternity of a child is in question, we now have a smart way of establishing the real and actual parents of a child – through DNA testing and examination


Modern technology provided humanity with a smart means of not engaging in banking transactions but also a safer way of safeguarding our money. Instead of using box safes, or digging of the ground, or putting money beneath the pillow, we can now easily and securely go to the bank and deposit it, irrespective of the amount.


Modern Technology enables us to smartly perform various activities of commercial transaction. Both buyers and sellers nowadays engage in online or electronics buying and selling of goods. Payments for commercial transactions can be easily made online via various e-payment platforms.

Also, digital advertising and marketing enable producers to inform the consumers of their latest production.


Information gathering and delivery are simplified through the advancement of technology. Source of getting information is now diverse, cheap and flexible.


Through modern technology, law enforcement agents and security experts smartly detect and control crimes and security challenges. With CCTV camera, criminal activities are not only detected but also controlled an intending criminal may change his/her mind upon seeing a CCTV camera at the premise.

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Technology has been and will remain a plus in improving human brain power, irrespective of its negative sides. It has made man to do things in an easy and simple way with lots of improvement.


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