Should Technology Be Regulated

Should Technology Be Regulated

Should Technology Be Regulated

How do you feel about having restricted access to certain technological device and contents? When schools, company or homes restrict the use of technology in classes, offices or homes, we do vehemently express our disapproval of it. The issue of if technology should be regulated has been received with mixed reactions. So I decide to contribute to this hotly debated topic, and below are some of the reasons why I maintain that technology should be regulated.
But before I go in properly, let’s throw a little light on what regulation is all about.
Regulation is a principle, rule or law that governs or controls an activity, conducts or actions. Regulation of Technology which is the subject matter of this article can be said to be the principles that control the activities and use of technological tools by humans. This regulation as discussed here is beyond governmental formal laws and rules that guide technological usages but stretches to such regulation by different homes, families, schools and such institutions.

Now to the main event …..

Regulating technology limits criminal activity.

There are various societal vices that occurs through the internet such as signing up to a terror group, cyberbullying, identity theft, gaining unauthorized access to personal files and documents, undue exposure to pornography and x-rated images and online scams that regulating technology will aids it’s control and prevention. Many people have fallen victims to these crimes and sometimes have no way to trace and capture the perpetrators. Internet Blackouts can assist in preventing these illegal activities because it can ban malicious content and keep a close watch on suspicious activity.

Regulating Technology helps protect children.

Kids use the technology and Internet daily and parents barely have the idea of what sort of content and tools they are accessing and using daily. By regulating the Web, and the type of technological devices that children come across and apply into use will be safer to surf the Internet for their academic and entertainment needs and protects them from pornographic, violent, and other harmful content and technological tools that can have a negative impact on them.

Regulation of Technology Reduces Depletion of Natural Resources.

Regulation of technology will the pace and scope of depletion of natural resources by technology. Technology doesn’t only consume a large quantity of these resources as inputs but also damages our environment, thereby limiting the existence of new resources.

Reduces Exposure to Health Risks and Hazards

Technology exposes human life to several life threatening risks and situations like cancers, death by road, air or rail accidents, industrial machine hazards, bio-hazard risk, exposure to gaseous emission, vulnerability to fire outbreaks, etc. If the usage of technology is regulated, these health hazards it posses will be controlled to the barest minimum.

Regulation of Technology will Increase lifespan.

Regulating technological usage will increase the lifespan of people as it will save us from so many health implications such as obesity, depression, mental blackout, and cancer. Our over-reliance on modern tools have impacted negatively on our lives so much that we barely do exercise our bodies and brains effectively. Regulating and restricting access technology will assist us in living a healthy life.


Though human can hardly exist and function optimally without technology, as technology is what seems to make modern life worth living. It’s very paramount as we enjoy and access technological innovation to also put a restriction and regulation on it so as to not be victims of our own creations. Power is nothing without control, so is technology without regulation.