Should Technology Replace Textbooks In The Classroom

Should Technology Replace textbooks in today’s classroom?

Should Technology Replace Textbooks In The Classroom

Over the years, human society has witnessed an upsurge in the development and application of modern technology in a different facet of our daily life. An area of this human society that is gaining more attention is the area of education, more especially the classroom environment. Scholars and experts have debated and still debating the impacts technology are having on classroom environment, the negativity or positivity of this impacts depends on one’s school of thought.
In this episode of my writing, am going to look at an aspect of classroom environment that technology is having an effect on – Textbooks. The debate on whether technology should replace textbooks is a bit complex and universal one, which can go to any side. Let’s share our thought on why technology should not replace textbooks.

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Reading and Writing Impairment

If technology should replace textbooks, handwriting and reading textbooks would lose its significance and fun. With editing and auto-correct tools which technology provides, students will ignore the need to remember spellings and grammar rules. Similarly, reading culture will diminish as it is more fun and convenient to read traditional textbooks for long duration than to read an electronics(e-book).

High Cost of Technological Tools

Technology, as we know, are not and don’t come so cheap. It is not every parent or guardian that can afford it for their wards, and even if the parents can afford them, kids would not be able to take care of it in the classroom and other public places. There would be cases of lost or stolen laptops, making studies difficult. A lost technological gadget or a dead one will create the problem of lost notes and other important articles or assignments. Gadgets require maintenance and repair which would result in a delay of studies for students if these gadgets should replace the traditional textbooks.

Health Challenges

Health issues like Computer Vision Syndrome, along with stress such strain on eyes, headache, blurred vision, dry and itchy eyes are commonly associated with using technology for extended hours. When technology is being used instead of textbooks, more of these health challenges are going to be obvious for the students.

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Too Many Technicalities

Technology has proved to be harmful to children who at their young age are not sensible enough to avoid distractions and it’s technicalities. If technology should replace textbooks, a young student at the nursery and elementary stage of learning cannot cope with the technicalities involved in mastering the tools. Also if technology should replace textbooks, the availability of video games, social networking sites, and other distractive elements which technology provides will occupy most of the students time when they are supposed to be studying.

Expensive and Epileptic Internet Access

Not every parent can afford internet connections with high bandwidth and availability of internet services is limited by geographical location. If technology should replace textbooks, students in rural areas that have little or no internet access or connection will find it very hard if not impossible to download these e-books or generally cope with the new trend.



Though technology has been of tremendous help to learning and education, asking it to replace textbooks is way too much, as it will reduce the performance of kids in school. Rather, technology should serve as a complement to textbook rather than a substitute.

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