Technological Inventions 2004 | When Technology Advances Supply

Technological Inventions 2004 | When Technology Advances Supply

When Technology Advances Supply

The 4th year into the new millennium, 2004 was a leap year that was characterized by several technological inventions and innovations to address and improve the technological needs of man. In this column of our blog, we are going to look into some of these technological achievements of the year 2004.


Top of our wanted list is FACEBOOK. The biggest social network of our time Facebook was invented and launched in February 2004. This technological achievement incorporates not only message sharing, but also sharing of information, images, audio and video files as well as connecting to billions of people worldwide


The google mail machine Gmail was launched in 2004 to provide electronic mail services.

Mozilla Firefox

This is an open source free web browser developed in 2004 by Mozilla foundation for surfing and accessing web pages.

Ipod Device

This is a portable mobile media player or device typically used to play and listen to audio musics.

Bluetooth Integration

This wireless technology for exchanging files and data’s over short distance between mobile or computer devices came into force in 2004

Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer

This piece of bathroom tool was invented in 2004 by Violight Tech, a high-tech toothbrush holder that protect the toothbrush against bacteria and germs. Just pop the toothbrush inside the violight sanitizer, press a button, and the Violight washes the brush with ultraviolet light.

Verisyze Corrective Lens

Verisyse corrective lens, an invention of Staar Surgical was invented to fix near-sightedness that is too severe for a laser surgery . The corrective lens is implanted between the cornea and the iris through some 6-mm incision to remove and eliminate any form of complications such as infections or cataracts.


Hungarian Architect Aron Losonczi did what many never believed is possible by inventing a LitraCon in 2004. LitraCon is a transparent concrete formed by mixing fibre optic  glass and cement together which permits light to pass through it to create a surreal effect. LitraCon is as strong as the normal and regular concrete wall.

Wireless Technology Surfboard

Technological giant INTEL invented a a unique Wireless Technology Surfboard in 2004 which enables the user to take pictures, videos, send mails and also surf the web.

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid which is an invention of 3M Technologies is a liquid-like fluid that looks like and flows water but doesn’t get objects wet, rather it is invented to put our fires in offices, museums, and computer rooms and laboratories.

Snow Boat

Witnessing the loss of close friend or relative could trigger a great technological invention. Scenario as this spurred Harney Harry to invent a Snow Boat that can afloat even when the ice breaks during ice-skating.