Technology And Schools | Should Technology Be Used In Schools

Technology And Schools |Should Technology Be Used In Schools? Yes

Should Technology Be Used In Schools

Modern technology has made our society a global one, it doesn’t only make life easier but also fun. Over the years, they have been so many technological innovations across different facet of the human sector and it improves and enhances activities within such sectors. The question if technology should be used in schools is a timely one, as its integration into the school system will not only make learning easier and better but will also improve learning.
Various studies about improving school system I have come across maintains that both students and teachers desire to have modern technology within their schools. Students seem to really enjoy it and are excited about using it. Below are some of the benefits having technology is school provides.

Technology Creates Equality:

Schools across various country’s of the world are not formed and managed equally. There are huge disparity and inequality in educational resources depending on the finance or a lack of it, depending on certain areas. Students and Teachers applying technology in low-income schools gain significant skills and knowledge in the learning process, which on a normal appears impossible for them. Using technology provides equality for disadvantaged students and teachers.

Technology Improve Students Future:

As the world is becoming more technology driven and sophisticated at a great speed, having technology in schools is necessarily vital as it will enable educators the responsibility to introduce, encourage, direct and help students have adequate knowledge and technical know-how of those modern tools that will be vital in their future endeavors. Technology will surely be vital in the major aspect of the professional and personal lives of students, so getting them to know the nitty-gritty of through the school is of great desire. ed daily. Why not use it daily in school?

Technology makes Schools Globally Mobile:

Having technology in schools will take both learning and the school activities beyond the reach of her geographical base. With technology in schools, students can learn from and at home easily, can interact and exchange knowledge and ideas with their mates and teachers from other schools and countries, thereby allowing greater collaboration between students promoting strong foundations in group work.

Cost Effectiveness:

The low cost which results from using technology can come in many areas for schools. On a primary level technology can replace infrastructure, blackboards, books, white chalks, desks and other items that are a heavy cost on schools. Technological devices can assist cut cost on these items. In addition, geographically isolated or economically disadvantaged children can benefit from access to online software or resources which would be cost prohibitive without technology.

Ease of Assessing Students Performance:

Integrating modern technology in schools will assist school administrators and teachers in assessing students work and academic performance. Assessing students performance can be done instantly, effectively and efficiently with technology. It’s beyond mere test scores, but equally understanding students grasp of subjects in real time.
Having technology in schools will as well assist education planners and administrators to profitably and remotely monitor and track activities and performance of schools in an area.


Education coupled with technology is overall a very positive tool for schools. Though I It’s still in relative infancy in many undeveloped and developing nations, it’s progress will continue to move forward bettering the school systems. Integrating Technology to schools will be of great ease, help, and benefits to the students, teachers, school owners, administrators, parents and the society at large.