Technology Positive Effects | Is Technology Bad General

Technology Positive Effects | Is Technology Bad General

Is Technology Bad General

Technology as the application of scientific skills and knowledge to meet a human needs have been criticised and condemn by many and even regarded as a mistake of human creation. This criticisms is owing to the some of the negative scenarios that associates with it.
In this episode of our blog, we are looking at if the technology is generally bad as the world has made us believe and see.

Is Technology Bad General

The following are some of the outlined points to consolidate that technology is not generally bad:

The introduction of technology changed our life in relation to how we get and respond to education. With technology, one can have access to wide range of information and data from the remotelest part of the world with the aid of an Internet. People now share and receive information very easy, convenient and fast.

With technology, learning can actually take place without the individual being present in that location, through online and distance learning. All that is required is a gadget that can access the internet.

There’s is also a transformation on how we write and read educational materials. Books are now replaced with e-readers, tablets and PDAS along with the development of technology. Therefore, we don’t necessarily need to carry large junk of books that can nearly break our backs. The e-readers and tablets can also read out something for us. Therefore, we can even go through books while we are driving on the road.‎

Modern Technology also assisted teachers in record keeping. A teacher can now keep database of his/her students. Teachers can equally compute students grades and results effortlessly with the aid of a designated computer software.

Human sporting activities have been greatly influenced by the advancement in technology. Technology changed our sports through the ‎sport performance analysis and assisting coaches to greatly improve the quality of players/athletes output. Nowadays, coaches and athletes are familiar with performance and fitness trackers. This gadgets are worn by athletes and football players during training sessions so that coaches can ascertain the fitness and performance level of individual players.

Technology changed a human sporting life by providing tools and gadgets to monitor players, organize and run training sessions, scout and analyze opponents and tactics.

Technology changed sports by e‎nabling referees, umpires and sport officials to make better decisions on rule infringements. Goal line technologies and Video Assisted Referees have been included to help soccer referees to be transparent and accurate in making decisions on the field of play. Also computerised score system also asisist umpires in awarding points and scores to boxers during matches, tennis players and basketball players during games. The same as the Event Replay System, which helps to clear doubts of an action.

Technology changed human sports by providing spectators with better viewing of sport performance and activities. Sporting events can be viewed and followed from any part of the word, many thanks to digital electronic and computer.

As a result of miniaturized video cameras, spectators are also now able to witness sports performance in ways that previously were not possible. Video cameras can be placed in places such as racing cars, cricket stumps, goal posts, and even on the athlete themselves.

Thought technology sicknesses and disease are diagnosed with computerized and electronics medical objects. The cause of an ailment can be discovered through laboratory tests, by using blood or waste-product sample of the patient.

The universal application of electronic health records has resulted in significant savings in health care costs as well as an improvement in a patient health and safety. In several healthcare facilities, patient files are being kept in databases that can be accessed from anywhere in the facility, thereby saving cost and time, as well as maintain credibility.

With advancement in technology, pharmacists are exposed to tools that aid them to manufacture and produce efficient and effective pills for medications.

Modern medical technology brought about numerous techniques of imaging, which permits technicians and physicians to examine a patient’s anatomy without needing invasive procedures to form a diagnosis. The demand for Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) technologists and radiologists has also increased as a result of rapid advances in imaging technology.

Minimally invasive surgeries, especially within cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, have also become more rampant in recent years. The development of better instruments and more advanced technology have allowed surgeons to perform procedures in minimally invasive ways that just wasn’t possible a few years ago.

With modern technology, more and more effective cure are being discovered for previously known incurable diseases. Solutions are being found for humans diverse health challenges.

Internet technology has changed our lives in diverse ways, and it is extremely hard to keep a record on them. Global trade and commerce has become faster, easier, cost-effective and more reliable

Technological advancement made it easier to book flights, railway tickets, and bus tickets from the comforts of our home, saving us the stress, time and cost of going to the stations.

Modern technology change human trade and commerce as Banks and financial institutions have introduced online systems, and these have made online payment very flexible and our lives easier. Bill payment and account-related work is easily managed online. One doesn’t need to go to a bank, wait on a queue for hours and then deposit or withdraw money. The ATM and POS technology has made it possible to withdraw money during anytime of the day.

With modern technology, goods and services can be ordered and paid for from and at any part of the world at the comfort and convenient of the individual. The cyber-space is now a marketplace where goods and services can be sold and purchased. Be it local shops, restaurants, shopping malls, or retail stores, almost every place has been well managed with the help of technological growth.

In our world today, it is extreme hard for any business firm to thrive without a web presence. A sit-at-home mom or an entrepreneur, the success of your business model can be guaranteed to a large extent, if you’re able to cover the Internet to your benefits. Google Adwords and Google Adsense have made online advertising the greatest growing business of recent years.‎

Businesses have become faster but a bit complex, thereby increasing competition in every field. The technological effects on trade and commerce has been phenomenal, and in this era, information and knowledge have become commodities.

With technology, we are exposed to sophisticated metal and security doors to keep burglars and thieves away from our homes.

Modern technology provided us with several security gadgets to secure our lives and properties. Gadgets such as Fire Alarm System, Metal Detectors, Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) Cameras, Intrusion Keys, Bomb Detectors etc.

Modern technology helped in securing and defending the lives and properties of people as well as the territorial boundaries of nations. Military and Paramilitary Agencies are equipped with modern security tools ranging from small arms, artillery, ammunition to weapon of warfare like armored tanks, grenades, nuclear weapons, aircraft, helicopters, and drones etc.

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Having outlined some of the great benefits of modern technology, it’s obviously a reality that technology is not generally bad. Though one may assume that technology is bad following some of the negative ways it’s being used and it’s exposure of human to different health, social and health risks, but that isn’t down to technology per se. If technology is said to be bad, the problem is on people using technology and not on the tools.