What Technology Does Uber Use

what technology does uber use

What Technology Does Uber Use

Uber Tech

Before exposing the technology being used by Uber which is the central message of this post, I would like to give a brief summarized description of what Uber is all about.
Uber is a car sharing, food delivery, transport company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It is an international company that operates virtually in all major cities of the world ranging from New York, Paris, Abou Dhabi, Madrid, Johannesburg to Lagos.
Uber Technology Company transports anything transportable from humans, to goods, pets and what have you.
Now, the following are some of the technology used by Uber:

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Uber is known to be a location-driven venture. To create Uber, the founders desired to understand the specifics of Operating System(IOS)and Android geolocation features it requires
Following the advancement of modern technology, uber employs a technological innovation called Geo-Location as a tool to easily and conveniently get information about the specifics of location features.
Uber taxi-booking app uses geo-location tech to locate a user’s or clients device which provides classes and protocols to configure and schedule location delivery.
Moreso, Uber using tech geo-location feature to provide driving directions by displaying map driving point-to-point directions.

Short Message Services and Push Notifications

After a client has ordered a ride, Uber relays a couple of notifications: firstly when a driver accepts the client’s request, and then when the driver is few blocks away. Also, a notification is relayed when a ride has been canceled for some reason.

Payment integration

Uber employs a cashless payment system whereby clients can make payments through debit card, credit card or a promo code. You can pay via debit or credit card, or use a promo code.

Android Phones and High-Speed Computers

Uber also uses android phones and high-speed computer gadgets to provide her services, this computer gadgets, and Android smartphones are used in monitoring and tracking direction and location of drivers and clients, as well as receiving and sending requests from and to clients and workers.


It won’t be out of place to mention that uber is a creation of modern technology and everything about uber is technology driven. From cars used in transporting human and goods to computer gadgets and smartphones used in tracking and getting locations.

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