What Technology Do Mayans Use?

What Technology Do Mayans Use

What Technology Do Mayans Use

The Mayans are the aboriginal group of meso-Americans that lives in southern Mexico, El-Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. The Mayans are known for their distinct and rich cultural and linguistic heritage. The Maya Empire, centered in the tropical lowlands of what is now Guatemala, climaxed its power and influence around the sixth century A.D. The Maya are pretty successful in agriculture, pottery, hieroglyph writing, calendar-making and mathematics, and left behind an astonishing amount of impressive architecture and symbolic artwork.

Mayans got a fairly advanced civilization that enables them to live and survive in a rain forest for many centuries. Although the rainforest climate had many adverse circumstances, the Mayans invented tools creatively to adapt and ensure their survival for a very prolonged period.
They invented a number of technological tools, comprehensively referred to as Mayan technology. Below are some of these Mayan technologies;

Technology Was First Invented When?

Mayan Agricultural Innovations
The Mayans relied so heavily on agricultural farming for food and survival, but due to the nature of their environment, farming and growing agricultural produce isn’t as profitable as they would have wished. This made them innovate ideas and technology to aid their agricultural and farm need. They adopted techniques that made the soil more fertile, created more terraces for terrace farming, and adopted tools that utilized rainwater.

Water Management System
Rainfall in the Mayans region is somewhat unpredictable and skeletal, which made them to often face a limited supply of food and water. Owning this challenge, the Mayans applied a scientific skill of creating underground stone reservoirs, located and constructed in such a manner that water reaches them as soon as rain touches the ground.

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Architectural Designs
The Mayans invented several types of mortar which enabled them to construct extreme strong and long-lasting structures. With this strong mortar, the Mayans were able to construct their huge monumental structures which were strong enough to resist attacks, earthquakes and could last for centuries.
Mayans also invented a sort of cement on their own which they used in erecting building and construction of roads and bridges.

Construction of Bridges
Cities within the Mayan regions were located close to rivers and water bodies. The Mayans constructed excellent bridges to enable them transit in and around the cities effectively. They constructed bridges on top of canals, moats, and rivers.

Road Construction
The sacbe which is the Mayan roads is a marvel of creation. It was built with concrete made bed above the surrounding region and about 10meters wide. The roads possessed a mortar-joined stone foundation on top of which cast-in-place concrete was laid and capped with limestone to give them a white outlook.

The Jadeite
The Mayans doesn’t possess tools from outside their region, so they made tools from their local material called Jadeite. The Mayans fabricated tools from this Jadeite to solve many tools related challenges such as stone cutting, sculpting, gouges, chisels, axes, and hoes.

The Mayans have lived in an inhospitable and adverse environment, had to innovate and invent technological tools to for sustenance and survival, and to solve their own problems themselves.

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