When Technology Fails meme

When Technology Fails meme

When Technology Fails meme

When Tech fails meme

A meme is a cultural idea or symbol that is widely transmitted culturally from person to person.
It is a system of behavior virally transmitted in the form of images and videos from one person to another by imitation or any such form of non-genetics.

Majorly, memes are captioned photos that are intended elicit humor, often as a way to publicly ridicule a human behavior. It can also be videos and verbal expressions.

Technology is used by meme creators and mixers to create and transmit an idea virally through the world via the Internet, an idea can be created with a tech app and passed down to the audience.
Technology no doubt is an important tool in meme making but it becomes a problem as it fails to provide an idea in its original and authenticated form.

Moreso, the basis or the idea that is being distorted can be misguided. A real idea or person that is created under meme can be implicated when the meme goes viral. It could breed hatred, bitterness and animosity, and even a legal battle between the mixer and the real person(object) being distorted.
Meme creators should endeavor to consider the ethical implications and values before distorting an idea.

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