When Technology Go Wrong

When Technology Go Wrong

When Technology Go Wrong

Technology and it’s advancement have been a great addition to humanity. It serves as a great tool is solving most of human needs and challenges.
But can technology go wrong? This question is what we are about to discuss in this column of our blog… As we portray various ways technology is going and have gone wrong.

Loss of Interpersonal Relationship

Following the introduction of technology such as social media, computer video games, gsm handsets and televisions, the level of Interpersonal relationship and communication among people have reduced drastically. Instead of visiting friends and neighbors, we often resort and prefer spending time alone with our computer games, handsets, and tv sets.

Source of Distraction

Technology has gone wrong as it is a source of distraction to our usual quiet life and living. Technological tools such as an airplane, locomotive trains, radios, cars all provide divers sorts of distractions to us.
Techs also provide a distraction as people often resort to playing with the tech devices at the expense of going about their work or duties.

Increased Expenses

Technology went wrong as it increased the daily expenses of an ordinary man. Since the introduction of technology, the average expenses of people have increased more than the average income, forcing people to go above their means to get one tech gadget or the other so as to blend with the latest trend.

Increased Insecurity

The introduction of technology increased the insecurity of lives properties. Through technology, men of the underworld have devices new ways and tools of exploiting the unconsented masses and carrying out their various nefarious activities.
Over the years, we have witnessed series of murder, homicide, kidnapping, housebreaking, and burglary, advance fee fraud of many sorts and the father of them all terrorism, all necessitated by technological tools and knowledge.

Incessant Cheating

Having easy access to information which technology comes with is a great thing, but it has gone wrong as it has become a real problem in school examinations and academic exercises of such manner. Cell phones have made cheating easier than ever. We no longer have to figure out how to write all of the answers down, you can just look them up via the Internet. Also, we hardly write essays, thesis, and assignment with our brains, but rather copy and paste from the internet thereby committing plagiarism and redundant our brains power.

Exposure To Inappropriate Content

The biggest concern when it comes to the use of technology in homes and schools is how easy pornographic, violent, and other inappropriate materials can be accessed and viewed. Wrong information and materials are easily accessed by unauthorized persons. This hampers the moral standards of human society.

False Information and Fake Personas

Advanced digital technology enables a wide avenue for users to hide their true identities and locations. Severally, we all have once a while be either victims or perpetrators of hiding our real identities and locations to people we interact with via the telephone or internet social media.
Also, technology assisted in the wide spreading of false information or what may be called logic bombing, or information terrorism. Many innocent people have been misled and lead to an early grave as a consequent of observing, or adhering information they got from the televisions, radios or the Cyberspace.

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No doubt that technology has blessed humanity with lots of inventions to make life easier and better, but it has gone wrong as it made humanity more vulnerable to security, moral and financial threat.