When Technology Surpasses Humanity

When Technology Surpasses Humanity

When Technology Surpasses Humanity

When Technology Surpasses Humanity

Technology which is a human product is not only changing humanity but also surpasses humanity.
Humanity is defined as the quality of being human, mankind or those set of qualities that defines human conditions or human nature.
Technology which is the application of scientific skills is solved a problem is surpassing humanity as evidenced below.

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Creation of Robots

A robot is a machine that is computerly programmed to carry or execute series of complex and tedious tasks automatically. Robots are mostly made in a human form to perform those activities that are inhuman in nature or that is very critical and dangerous to be executed by a human. As this technologically induced robot are designed to perform human-related functions is an overly dangerous environment or manufacturing function, technology is thereby surpassing humanity in this regard.

Goal Line Technology

Technology surpasses humanity as the goal line technology. This is the use of electronics assistant or aid to ascertain or determine if a goal has been scored or not. It is essentially helpful when a contentious issue of whether the ball has crossed the goal line that qualifies a goal being scored or not. With the goal line technology, it eliminates the error in judgment of the center referee and the linesmen in awarding controversial goals.

The Internet

Humanity went from having no world wide web into having a full blown world wide web in less than 30years. Technology made this feat possible. With humanity was unable to achieve through its history, technology through the internet made them a reality. Technology through the internet took humanity to a whole new level, ranging from dissemination of information to social media interactions and activities, online auction, purchase, and payments for goods and services etc.
Countless hours are spent on the internet daily by humans communicating in the virtual world that we often forget the looks and names of our immediate surroundings and neighbors. Human addiction to the internet is a pure indication of technology surpassing humanity.

Nuclear Weapon

Technology surpasses humanity through the Nuclear weapon as it is a threat to humanity. Usage of a nuclear weapon have a catastrophic consequence of humanity, and the effect of its radiation on human will cause long time suffering and deaths even after several years of its initial explosion.

Video-Assisted Referring (VAR)

Technology surpassed humanity with the implementation of video-assisted Referring during football soccer matches. With VAR, an association soccer assistant referee reviews the decision of the head referee in the pitch or the incidents that happen during a match with the use of a video footage and a headset for communication. This eliminates some of the human prone errors that go with officiating a soccer match.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the creation of machines that work and acts like humans. These are machines that possess human intelligence. These machines are modeled for speech recognition, planning, learning and problem solving, reasoning, perception, and knowledge. Imagine a situation of machines having the ability to know about the human world, learn without guidance, using memory to deduce various aspects of the world. These are what made humans distinct and unique, but when machines through technological artificial intelligence possess such qualities, it has no doubt surpasses humanity because it can learn, process and react without getting tired or dying, unlike humans.

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Our technology is developing so much faster than our culture and our institutions, and the space between these things can only grow wider. Devices like smartphones, laptops, and pads are rapidly pushing humans away from the world, thereby losing the ability to be in the world in a way that isn’t mediated by some technological appendage.